Piping Engineering Course Notes

 Piping is an important element of every stage of project design, purchasing and construction. It is intimately linked to the other project work on equipment, electrical, instrument and civil engineering. Work on piping is proceeding at every stage of the project, partly because of the sheer volume of design and erection work, but mainly because of the need to relate other project activities to the piping design.

The piping engineer has, therefore, considerable responsibility for economic and accurate design. Much development of design methods and organization has taken place over the years. In large design organizations, techniques have emerged, whereby procedures for producing simple symbolic data conveying maximum information at minimum cost can be employed.

The basic elements of these procedures are:

• Rapid data retrieval
• Standardization of engineering design methods for stressing, material selection etc.
• Maximum use of standards
• Symbolic drawing procedures
•Standardization of document format for issue of piping information. 

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