Compressed Air in Pharmaceutical Industry

 Source of contaminations

• Intake air from surroundings (oil, dirt/dust and moisture/ water vapor, virus, bacteria, germ, micro-organisms)

• Compressor unit (note : equipment uses oil for lubricants) (including Air Receiver + Filters)

• Piping Distribution Systems and Fittings/Accessories (rust/particles) ?

Recommended Type

Oil Free Compressed Air :

Air compressed from initial pressure to final pressure using compressor in which the air is not in direct contact with any fluid or lubricant

Achieved by using Oil Free Rotary Screw and Centrifugal Compressors

Up-date Air Quality Classes

• ISO 8573.1 Class 0

• Note : contamination cannot be eliminated but can be reduced -> starting from the source and by filtration – purification – separation through various equipment, media filter

* More details, please download the attached documents

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