Microsoft Project 2013 Essential Training - Part 1 Working with Project



0. Introduction
  • Welcome
  • What to know before you begin
  • Using the exercise files
1. Working with Project
  • Using the Ribbon
  • Navigating the Backstage view
  • Finding commands
2. Setting Up Project Files
  • Creating and saving projects
  • Creating a project from a template
  • Creating a project from an Excel workbook
  • Setting up calendars
  • Defining working and nonworking time
  • Setting basic options
3. Creating Tasks
  • Understanding manual and auto scheduling
  • Creating a manual task
  • Creating an autoscheduled task
  • Switching between manual and automatic scheduling
  • Creating a milestone task
  • Creating a recurring task
  • Copying tasks from another program
  • Creating a summary task
  • Displaying summary tasks
  • Organizing tasks in a task list
  • Working with work breakdown structure (WBS) codes
4. Linking and Timing Tasks
  • Linking tasks
  • Adding lag or lead time
  • Setting task date constraints
  • Viewing tasks and task links
5. Creating Resources
  • Understanding resources
  • Creating a work resource
  • Creating a material resource
  • Setting up costs for work and material resources
  • Creating a cost resource
6. Assigning Tasks to Resources
  • Understanding duration, work, and units
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Using Team Planner to assign resources
  • Finding overallocations
  • Assigning resources with effort-driven and non-effort-driven scheduling
  • Modifying resource assignments
  • Replacing resources on a task
7. Working with Views
  • Choosing a view
  • Working with a table
  • Inserting and rearranging table columns
  • Changing the settings for columns in a table
  • Displaying two views at the same time
  • Using the Timeline view
  • Sorting tasks and resources
  • Grouping tasks and resources
  • Filtering tasks and resources
  • Modifying task bar styles and task bar text
  • Modifying task bar layout
  • Modifying text formatting
8. Fine-Tuning the Project Schedule
  • Reviewing the critical path
  • Using the Task Inspector to review scheduling issues
  • Splitting a task
  • Delaying a task or assignment
  • Adjusting a work contour
  • Leveling resources
  • Inactivating a task
9. Tracking and Managing a Project
  • Understanding baseline, scheduled, and actual values
  • Saving and clearing a baseline
  • Adding tasks to a baseline
  • Updating the schedule
  • Assigning overtime
  • Updating costs
  • Rescheduling unfinished work
10. Viewing and Reporting Project Information
  • Viewing project schedule status
  • Looking for schedule progress problems
  • Looking for cost problems
  • Working with graphical reports
  • Using earned value
  • Printing views and reports
11. Sharing Projects
  • Saving to other formats
  • Working with the Global Template
  • Importing and exporting
  • Sharing project information in other ways

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